Easier selfies

Gepostet am 16. Februar 2015

Honestly I would not like to call it a „selfie“ standing in front of my camera doing a stand-upper. But it’s interesting job wise to compare selfie and stand-upper. The first influenced smart phone designs the second was always a challenge as a video journalist. I put monitors on top of my cameras to see what the picture looked like. I used my microphone to get the focus more or less right but it was never real fun. But WIFI-function in today’s cameras makes it much easier to do a stand-upper. The last one I did some weeks ago when I filmed a story on Spain’s new political party Podemos. At the end of it my station wanted me saying something. I looked for my favorite spot just at the puerta de Alcala in Madrid to have a nice background. Unfortunately light was challenging but at least framing and focusing were again quite easy.

I just use my old Ipad and connect it to the Lumix GH3 via WIFI. I am able to see the cameras pic and I am able to focus with Panasonic’s app Lumix Link. I even can start recording. Unfortunately zooming is not possible with my lenses neither stopping recording. But that’s nothing serious. The pros prevail. I highly recommend an Ipad instead of an Iphone. At least the Iphone 4GS is just to small to see if you are in or out of focus.

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