Less photo more video

It is very interesting to observe that there are more and more voices who are questioning the evolution towards photo cameras for video filming. In my opinion this is a very important debate pending also to put pressure on manufacturers, but first to compare the DSLR movement with the classic camcorders. One very helpful piece for this debate is an article about the Sony PXW X200, published in Red Shark News. „For some, this is the ideal type of camera„, writes David Shapton. I would say, not only for some. I would like to have this camera but I would prefer even more a camera that finally combines the advantages of DSLR (compact, bigger chip) with those of camcorders (much better handling, better zooming and focus, much better audio connections and control, etc). Therefore in my opinion Sony did a big step ahead with the PXW X70 but unfortunately they failed with the lens and the lack of separated control rings for iris and focus. Personally I need a camera for lightweight traveling. The GH3 is brilliant for that but I hope to substitute it as soon as possible with an improved X70 or similar. Because for news and documentary camcorder are still the best for video journalists.